Friday, August 31, 2007

Brittney's Princess Pictures

Today Brittney was first in line with Grace to use the camera. She was very excited and kicked into action without hesitation.

I'm sitting with her right now, and we're going to talk about her favorite picture(s).

"My favorite picture was my mimi posing and holding a box. When she held the box up to her she just started smiling."

"I didn't like that picture (img 170) because I told her to look at me but she didn't."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Photography collective - June 28

This given day had many of the children begging to take pictures. They used the camera in 10-15 slots because of the high demand, and really enjoyed themselves in the resource center.

Unfortunately, my camera malfunctioned in the midst of the action because of a design flaw in the original Canon Rebel. We backed up with the one step camera for a bit, at the end of the session that camera fell out of my hands and onto the concrete. Yikes, two cameras broken, but only after the children had a good time.

I'm still digging for the record sheets of everyone's names who participated. I haven't seen many of the children due to their changing summer schedules, but now that school has kicked in again, they'll be back and ready to view their images.

Photos by Darrell - July 13

Darrell transforms himself every time with the camera in hand. :)

Johah, from the Ren Village was there that day, and he showed interest in getting involved in photography too. I'd love to see the teens active with this. He has 4 images in Darrell's set that he'll be pointing out in the future.