Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dontrice - sweetest


Dontrice is the sweetest little girl asking to use the camera in such a quiet way while the bigger kids are going nuts over it. She's patient, and when the others were done with their turns, she had her chance. I held the camera for her as she took one shot and seem satisfied. After seeing it, her brother asked for one of himself, and she took that too. She seemed very happy, and really appreciated her try. :)

Donald the photographer revealed


Nearly everyone was gone, yet Donald still requested to use the camera while he waited to be picked up. It was interesting watching him find subjects, and as he spotted things he framed them intentionally to get what he wanted. He was most excited about his football shots today, and got a good chuckle out of by pregnant belly ending up in the images of his sister Dontrice. He also had the time to scroll through other children's shots in the camera, which he wanted to do privately, and commented on their different formatting strengths and weaknesses. "She cut off his face. He should have been in there." He had a natural way about him today, and was intrigued by the capacities of the camera body too.

Arthurnisha finally


Arthurnisha has always been excited to take pictures, and today wasn't any different. It didn't bother her that we had to head inside and start clearing out, and couldn't wait. The only thing that held her up were her sticky hands and face, and she found a few different ways to clean up. ;) She's very confident using the camera and working with people.



Josheia has taken shots inside before, but today was his first time with it in the playground. Once the popsicles came out he was happy to pass on the camera. :)

Roger first time


Roger was all over Kaya during her shoot wanting to see the images she had taken right away. Once I reassured him that he'd have his turn, he began counting down the minutes until he'd have it in hand. For his size he handled the camera well, and really enjoyed the different types of shots he could take. I loved how he got in the middle of the action without hesitation. It was fun for me to block the incoming balls. ;)

Kaya again


Kaya was the first today to jump into using the camera. This time it was with my Canon XTi. She felt comfortable with it right away, and I watched in amazement as she negotiated the playground territory seeing what images she wanted right away. I had to take some deep breaths with her waving it around at higher elevations, but very psyched with the new perspective she brought into things.

Corielle and Courtney


Donald - Oooh, can I?

Donald, 9/7/07

Grace - Mommy, I want to see the little camera please

Grace 9/7

Grace loves doing the Mommy thing and being a photographer. It's funny today because she took a few video clips of Mary without knowing it. "Why doesn't it click?" She's a great assistant as many times she doesn't get a turn at using a camera while here because they are in such high demand.

Kaya kicks in

Kaya's first set 9/7

Friday, September 7, 2007

Isaiah - Call it volcano!

Isaiah kicked in right after Kaya today, and couldn't be taken away from the camera. he even turned it back on after signing off so he could take a picture of his mother. :)

We viewed his pictures before getting them online and he really giggled at Ms. Mary's silly face shot. He wanted the set called "Volcano".