Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here we are, in our space

This blog is for the posting and sharing of the photographs taken at Renaissance Village's Resource Center, as well as outside the center. The photographs have been taken by both me and the children of different events, activities, or just hanging out.

The photographing of them has evolved into something more because of the children's natural interest in the camera. When I take that Canon digital out of my bag it becomes a magnet with many children gathering around begging to take pictures. They are transformed when I hand it over to them, and they want to keep it as long as possible. I see how it becomes their voice, their world and their magic as they hold it in their hands and look through the eyepiece.

What we'd like to do here is share the images that we already have, and move into the next phase of documenting and sharing more from the children's perspective. They will be an integral part of this evolution, and help with the direction that this work goes. We're hoping that they gain a feeling of pride, ownership, promise, and renewal throughout the process and growth.

We encourage you to look through the sets and comment just to let us know that you're with us and what you think.

Thank you.
Irene - the camera lady
Ren Village Kids

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